We created this site to help people understand how to buy gold and invest in silver. We show how to place gold into an IRA or other investment accounts. You can contact us with any questions or comments you have about this site on the Contact page.  We welcome your comments or questions.

We firmly believe that the United States is sailing into very stormy economic waters.  The Federal Reserve is printing money wildly and manipulating the financial markets in an attempt to prop up the banks they represent.  The Federal Reserve is working hard to keep this US economy from suffering a deflationary adjustment that would have begun in 2008 if the Federal Reserve had not entered the financial markets with massive money printing and their Quantitative Easing programs.



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The average American who is reliant upon an IRA or 401K plan or other retirement accounts that are invested in the US equity and debt markets is going to be devastated if these markets collapse in the years ahead. There goes their retirement.  We believe that holding a portion of assets in physical gold and silver is the best protection anyone can have in this scenario. Some folks recommend 10% or 20% should be in gold or silver. The most aggressive will say a third in gold, or even half in gold.  You need to make the decision for yourself.

It is our firm belief that big changes are coming to the US financial markets in the years ahead and those changes are going to hurt many people severely who are holding only paper investments in equities and US debt.  We show the best precious metals dealers on this site to help everyone who might want to invest in silver or gold, set-up a gold IRA or do a gold IRA rollover.

We put this site online because we deeply believe everyone should consider placing a portion of their retirement funds in physical gold or silver, or another of the precious metals. A gold or silver IRA rollover is an easy way to do that. The companies reviewed on this site are some of the best known in the market for helping people make this sort of investment. Give these companies a look, talk with your financial advisor and choose the gold dealer and investment that is right for you.

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