CMI Gold & Silver Inc.

Company Name: CMI Gold & Silver Inc.


Founded: 1973 per CMI website

Main Office Location:  Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Owners/Managers:  William Haynes (President) since 1973 founding.

Better Business Bureau:  Accredited Business since 12/16/1999. Click Here to Read the BBB Report

BBB Rating:  A+ (as of April 2016)

Business Consumer Alliance: Click Here to Read the BCA Report

BCA Rating:  B (as of April 2016)

Trustlink: Not Rated. Click Here to Read the Company Report on Trustlink

Trustlink Star Rating:  Not Rated (as of April 2016)

Yelp:  Click Here to See the Report on Yelp.

Yelp Rating:  5 of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews as of April 2016

RipOff Report:  No reports as of April 2016. Click Here for the Ripoff Report.


  • 0 complaints at the BBB in last 3 years, as of April 2016.

  • 0 complaints with the BCA in the last 3 years, as of April 2016

  • Not rated by Trustlink


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BBB: Rating of A+, 0 complaints

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Advantages Of A Gold IRA Rollover


It is worth considering a gold IRA if you are reconsidering your IRA investments or you want to open a new IRA. You can avoid the volatile stock market through a gold IRA rollover, i.e. if you roll over some of your IRA to hold physical gold. You can invest an IRA in virtually any asset, and when it is invested in gold, it is known as a gold IRA.

If you already have a 401(k) or IRA, whether it is a regular or Roth, you can roll over all or some of your investment into a gold IRA rollover. If you have a 401(k), then you should be able to roll it over once you retire or switch jobs. If you have an IRA, you have much more freedom to switch those funds into a self directed IRA that holds physical gold. Get you investment guide to see how easy this is to do.

Free IRA Rollover Guide

Of course, both a 401k plan and an IRA are subject to varying rules and tax treatments, depending on whether after-tax dollars or pre-tax dollars are used to fund your retirement account. Regardless of the differences, you must be wondering whether it is worthwhile to roll over any of your retirement money, whether all or a portion of it, into gold.

Is Gold IRA An Ideal Option For IRA Rollover?

You will typically only invest a gold IRA into actual physically held gold, whether it is gold bullion or gold coins. This means that it will be a physical investment in gold. Since gold is a physical asset, you will actually buy the gold itself rather than a fund holding the gold or a piece of paper representing the gold. This is actually beneficial in several ways.

Price: In recent years, the cost of producing gold has increased for mining companies. Although this may lead to a decrease in gold production in the not-so-distant future, the demand for gold is not going to fall anytime soon. So, as the cost of production keeps on rising and supply stays tight, gold prices are going to be pressured by those market dynamics to keep rising too, which makes owning physical gold an attractive long-term investment.

Diversification: The risk and volatility of assets can be reduced through a diversified portfolio. If you roll over your IRA into gold you will be diversifying your investment and reaping the benefits of that. Unlike bonds, paper or stock, the value of gold does not depend on something else for its value. Gold is valuable in and of itself. Buyers of gold will always  be out there especially during a financial panic or period of great economic uncertainty.

Value: Throughout the ages, gold has maintained its position as true money and a store of value. Usually, gold is viewed as a commodity of the wealthy and is directly linked to preserving wealth. It is well known that even through times of crisis, gold retains its intrinsic value. That is why gold and other precious metals offer financial relief to people during times of financial uncertainty.

How To Rollover An IRA Into Gold?

A gold IRA is not a specific special investment entity. It is just a regular IRA, where the investment asset is gold. So, the gold IRA rollover process is just like that of any other retirement fund.

It is relatively effortless and easy to set up these types of accounts and transfer the gold via a gold IRA rollover. A reputable gold investment company will be more than capable of helping you and handling the process without any concerns.

Typically, an account application has to be filled out, often online, and it takes no more than 48 hours for the account to be established. Once all parties receive the signed transfer request, the funds are transferred to the new custodian and that is how a new gold IRA ends up being funded. When funds are placed into your new IRA account, the options for the types of physical gold that can be purchased will be reviewed by an account representative with you. You will be able to advise them as to which type of gold you want to buy and have those prices locked-in right away.

The Verdict

If you want to roll over your retirement assets to a gold IRA, make sure you consider your overall financial goals and plan. All the potential options should be considered for available retirement assets. It is always wise if portions of the overall portfolio are invested in various asset categories. That’s diversification.


Investing in A Gold IRA


There is little doubt that gold is a solid investment choice for the long-term. However, it is still best if no more than a portion of your retirement funds are rolled over into a gold IRA. In other words, it is best if a percentage of an overall portfolio is invested in  physical gold. That percentage varies for each person based upon age, investment savvy, and the ability to react should there be a rapid over-correction in the price of gold during an economic event. It is always great if you can sell an asset that has over-corrected in price before it settles back to a market stable price point. Overall, a gold IRA rollover is definitely worth considering.

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