Monarch Precious Metals

Company Name: Monarch Precious Metals


Founded: 2008

Main Office Location: Medford, OR 97504

Owners:  Principal: Linda Kaylor

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BBB Rating:  A+  (as of April 2016)

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Precious Metals Investments


There is a wide array of precious metals on earth, the main difference between them being quality, value and availability. Precious metals cannot be compared to currency as their value is intrinsic in nature and since time immemorial are considered to be “rare” and true money. The most popularly known precious metal investments are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. There are also other metals in the category which most people are not familiar with. Precious metals were in the past used as a form of exchange. Gold and silver have backed many a paper currency over the past thousand years. Needless to say the value of precious metals as true money remains solid despite the adoption of the modern fiat currency.

Making the right investment choices can really be a daunting task in the current staggering economy. The fate of the many fiat currencies that are backed by nothing more than government decree and user confidence, and the current inflation fears, pose a great challenge to investors. In fact most investors are not sure what to expect in the near future when the world economy continues to work through and struggle with the global financial crisis that first manifested itself in the 2008 Financial Panic. Many investors have diversified their portfolios with precious metal investments. This is especially true for the many people who have set-up self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRA). There are many advantages associated with this investment account type.

To begin with, if you own any of the main precious metals such as silver or gold, you can be sure of the financial security they offer. While a fiat currency such as the US Dollar is subject to fluctuations in value, the precious metals hold their intrinsic value. This is why many people are investing a portion of their IRAs into physical gold and silver. The thought of the damaging effects of inflation on paper based assets can be frightening. It goes without a saying that the value of a fiat currency is not stable. A wise move for many people is to set-up a self-directed IRA to hold physical gold.

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There is this misconception that saturates the psychology of many people that only the rich and affluent can invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. This misguided notion should be dismissed. When it comes to financial matters, making sound investment decisions is what determines the outcomes in the long run. Any person can invest in these precious metals for their financial security. Experts in investment  advise people who wish to invest in precious metals to invest in bullion coins or bars, especially if you are investing in gold and silver. It’s the best value for your money. Collectible coins, also called numismatics, are often very overpriced and are a poor choice for investing in gold or silver. Avoid numismatics. Stick to bullion coins from the mints or bullion bars. Do not buy numismatic coins, as they are often very overpriced and make a very poor investment.

On the issue of tax liabilities in the United States, the taxes can be deferred when you invest in precious metals like physical gold in a self-directed IRA. In essence this means that a rollover into a gold IRA account will be exempted from taxes until the funds are withdrawn at retirement. Your gold IRA strengthens your overall retirement portfolio as the physical gold and silver assets can grow in value over time without annual taxes reducing their accumulating value.

Owning physical gold in your IRA can be a smart move in light of the various uncertainties in US and global economies. An attractive aspect of a gold IRA is that the intrinsic value of the precious metal is not affected by a financial storm.  Gold has long served as a store of value and a form of true money.

While a precious metals investment comes with many benefits, it is important to understand that nothing is completely safe from market downturns. Everything has its drawbacks and the precious metals are no exception. For instance, critics argue that precious metals do not generate a return as they only possess their intrinsic value.

To sum it up, while a precious metals investment placed into a self-directed IRA is a wise diversification of a portfolio, it is also wise to consult with a trusted financial expert to review your needs. More importantly, do your homework to make an informed purchase of gold or silver from a trusted and reputable dealer who can ensure you get the product you need and want, and at a fair price.

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