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Our top-rated dealer is Regal Assets. They are a sound choice for buying precious metals such as gold or silver, or for setting up a self-directed IRA to hold precious metals.

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Regal Assets is Our Top Rated Company

top gold ira dealerRegal Assets Earned Top Rating Reviews

Regal Assets is one of the few firms to have the best possible score at the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink. That is important when searching for a top-tier company to do business with. The customer testimonials are all positive. The company delivers great service to customers.

Regal Assets works with investors who can make a minimum purchase of $5,000 or greater, or who desire to set-up an IRA of at least $10,000.

Always get a second opinion on cost and structure. Contact Goldco to compare the costs and service when you are looking at a gold IRA set-up.

What if I Want to Invest Less Than $5,000?

If you would like to make a smaller sized purchase of less than $5,000 dollars, we recommend BullionVault.

How To Hold Gold or Other Precious Metals

As an investor you have a number of choices for investing in precious metals. You can purchase gold or silver in coin or bar form and take delivery to your home. Some folks do that. They call themselves “stackers”, buying precious metals coins and stacking them to build their position.

Other investors want to own physical gold but they choose to pay to have their precious metals stored in secure vaults by third parties.

A Self-Directed Gold IRA

Many wise investors in precious metals set-up a self-directed precious metals IRA to own and hold their gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Regal Assets is a good choice for setting up such a self-directed IRA.

This next point is important. You can get your copy of the precious metals guide for free.  It provides you with everything you need to know to buy gold or silver, or to set-up your own self-directed IRA. Click on the image below and enter your contact information on the right side to get the Gold Kit that includes the guide.

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You Need To Know This

We believe that numismatic coins – also called collector coins – are often very overpriced and are not a good investment for you.

One of the more disappointing findings from our review of the other precious metals dealers is the number of those companies that are strongly focused on selling numismatic “collector” coins. Because those coins are so often overpriced and a bad deal for investors it worried us to see those other dealers pursuing that line of business. Yes, those dealers can make a ton of money selling those overpriced collector coins, but they’re a bad deal for you, the buyer. Avoid the dealers who push collector coins.

Regal Assets does not push customers to purchase numismatic “collector” coins. If you really want to make such a purchase they could assist you, but it is not something they push their customers into. That is an important indicator of trustworthiness, customer focus, and good business practice. When you want to work with a top-tier and trustworthy company, that is Regal Assets.


An IRA has many advantages for holding wealth over the long-term. An IRA that holds gold or silver is seen by many investors as a way to preserve their wealth over periods when markets decline rapidly or crash. Many call it “central bank insurance” in reference to the novel and risky recent activity of central banks around the world to stave off the downward pressures that most recently manifested in the 2008 Financial Panic.

A gold IRA is seen by many investors as a way to preserve wealth.  If the central bank efforts fail – or trigger another deep decline – having an investment that can act as wealth insurance will prove a good addition to your portfolio.

If you want to rollover your IRA or 401k into a precious metals IRA then get this guide:

The Gold IRA Rollover Guide

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For Regal Assets, there have been no government investigations or sanctions for poor business practices like so many other dealers have experienced. These are additional points in Regal’s favor. When these points are combined  with Regal Assets reputation for excellent customer service, providing a wide variety of financial services, a fast delivery of purchased metals and low commission rates where the prices of metals are close to spot prices, you are looking at a company that is trustworthy and reputable. It is quite an accomplishment.

If you have over $5,000 to invest in a purchase of precious metals – or over $10,000 to set-up a gold IRA – then Regal Assets is the top choice to consider.

After over ten years of business and countless excellent reviews, Regal had only one complaint on the Business Consumer Alliance. In the case of that single BCA complaint the CEO, Tyler Gallagher, engaged the customer directly to set things right and made sure the customer was offered complimentary shipping. He also included his direct number for the customer to use to ensure satisfaction. This sort of customer service and care is particularly comforting, especially considering the fact that many of the other precious metals dealers have had numerous customer complaints and provide no information about their ownership. Some of those companies have disappeared over the past few years.

Importantly, Regal does not charge a set-up fee for a gold IRA or 401k rollover. We found that to be another point in their favor.

Of all the companies we evaluated only Regal Assets helps clients place gold into a 401k plan or an IRA without any set-up fees and simultaneously does NOT encourage the purchase of collector coins, also called numismatic coins.

The Regal approach to business – being fair and trustworthy – makes Regal Assets our top choice. Regal also has numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers and that too is a very important consideration.

We encourage you to contact Regal and a number of other dealers who look good to you. We recommend that you talk with a few companies that you feel are trustworthy. Then work with the precious metals dealer that makes you feel you are working with the most reputable and trustworthy company. We firmly believe Regal Assets is a top dealer for you to consider.

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